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Porlezza, a wonderful tourist location

Casa Enza – Holiday House in Porlezza is located in Porlezza, in the province of Como (275 m above sea level), a lively tourist town at the extreme eastern gulf of Lake Lugano, also known as Lake Ceresio, in a very quiet private road, with a panoramic view of the mountains. Casa Enza – Holiday House in Porlezza is fourteen kilometers from Lugano, Switzerland, and only twelve kilometers from Menaggio, on the shores of Lake Como. At the back of the house there is the cycle path and a large free public car park, the public gardens and the wonderful shores of Porlezza Lido are 5 minutes away on foot. The center of Porlezza with restaurants, pizzerias and some shops is just 500 meters away, the supermarket is nearby.

What to do in Porlezza

Discover the endless possibilities for fun and adventure that Porlezza and its surroundings have to offer. The very central location of Casa Enza – Holiday House in Porlezza offers many possibilities for fun and exploration of different aquatic disciplines.

Boat Tour

Explore the shores of Lake Lugano or Lake Como by booking a motor boat or boarding boats and enjoy the wonderful views that these lakes offer, with their unique shape and shores dotted with historic villas, splendid gardens and villages with characteristic architecture.


Cross the waters of Lake Lugano and Lake Como with a wakeboard! Enjoy an exciting experience on the waves of these beautiful lakes. Our calm waters and ideal winds provide the perfect backdrop for this adrenaline-pumping water sport. Glide across the water while admiring the breathtaking landscape surrounding Porlezza. A perfect option for an unforgettable adventure during your stay in our holiday home.

SUP - Stand-Up Paddle

Enjoy a day of adventure on the waters of Lake Lugano and Lake Como practicing stand up paddling! This activity will allow you to explore the lakes surrounding Porlezza from a unique perspective, offering you breathtaking views and moments of absolute relaxation.

Hydromassage, Acqua-Gym e Acqua-Step

The Pralino Sport Acquasport Center has recently opened in Porlezza, a very modern structure that offers two indoor swimming pools, a hydromassage tub, swimming courses and aquatic fitness activities such as aqua-gym and aqua-step.

What to see in Porlezza

From excursions in the surrounding mountains to water activities on Lake Lugano, through visits to the picturesque villages and cultural attractions of the province of Como, there is something for all tastes and ages. Make the most of your stay at Casa Enza – Holiday House in Porlezza by exploring the natural and cultural wonders of this beautiful region.

Porlezza Shores

Casa Vacanze Affitto Porlezza Lido

Enjoy a moment of relaxation at Lido di Porlezza, an oasis of tranquility on the shores of Lake Lugano just a 5-minute walk from our facility. Here, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding nature and enjoy the well-kept public gardens that offer a serene and rejuvenating environment. Admire the beautiful lake views as you stroll along the tree-lined paths. With its enchanting atmosphere and spectacular views, Lido di Porlezza is the ideal place for a regenerating break during your stay at the Enza Holiday Home.

Casa Vacanze Affitto Porlezza Lido


Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Bellagio, one of the most famous and fascinating towns on Lake Como. Located at the apex of the Larian triangle, Bellagio is famous for its elegance and timeless charm. Enjoy a walk through its picturesque alleys, admire the elegant buildings and ancient churches, and take a break to enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the restaurants overlooking the lake. With its breathtaking views and refined setting, Bellagio is an unmissable stop during your visit to Lake Como.

Villa del Balbianello

Explore the magnificent Villa del Balbianello, an authentic architectural jewel located on the shores of Lake Como and surrounded by beautiful landscaped gardens. This splendid historic residence, now a heritage site of the Italian Environmental Fund (FAI), is famous for its breathtaking beauty and fascinating history. Used as a film set for numerous famous films, including “Casino Royale” and “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”, Villa del Balbianello will enchant you with its magical atmosphere and spectacular panorama.


Discover the picturesque Lido di Varenna, a town of unique charm with its characteristic architecture and fascinating views of Lake Como. Located on the eastern shores of the lake, Lido di Varenna is a real hidden jewel, with its narrow paved streets, colorful houses overlooking the water and romantic lakeside cafés. Explore its picturesque streets, walking along the lake shores and discovering its most evocative corners.

Casa Enza - Holiday House in Porlezza

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